So I'm planning on building my first custom guitar! My styles range from blues to 60s, 70s rock to 80s thrash. This guitar will have a SD high output bridge pup and a SD jazz neck pup.

So I was thinking of getting a mahogany body with a wenge top combined with an ebony fretboard on a wenge neck. How does that sound? Good plan or not?
If you want a thrash sound, try maple or poplar.

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Mahogany or basswood will get you a warmer tone, while ash or maple will get you a brighter tone. Thrash metal tends to use bright tones.
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Hmm yeah I considered mahogany because I don't play thrash 24/7 and I need some versatility. Also the thrash I do play is a lot softer than any of what's out today with more melodic and clean parts.

And to answer your question I was considering the duncan distortion, invader or dimebucker. But I haven't looked into that yet.

I know all mahogony is cool but I do have my gibby V for that and I was wondering with the wenge neck being an unfinished neck that would suit well my super sweaty and acidy palms. My V neck really starts to stick after a few minutes playing!

And I am also considering basswood as I have heard alot of good stuff about it!
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Really maple? I Heard mahogany was best for metal o_O

Maybe if you were just playing rhythm.

I would choose maple for thrash.
Hey man, check out the ultimate tonewood thread, link is in the essential links sticky. It was made for a reason.

reported for close.
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