A great buy, its nearly mint condition. I was first scouring musiciansfreind for acoustic/electrics. I eventually fell in love with an ibanez EW20 in zebrawood. It just seemed so awesome for the price. After scouring Kijiji, i dound a Ibanez EW but in maple, but i eventually lost my chance for that. Two days after, and add comes up for an Ibi EW20Z, just what i wanted. The ex-owner was moving, so it was an amazing deal. I eventually picked this up for 350$

Bookmatched Zebrawood Top, sides, and bottom
Mahogany Neck
Rosette: Abalone Rosette
Tuners: Ibanez Chrome Die-Cast
Pickup: B-Band® UST™ Pickup
Electronics: Ibanez SRTc Preamp with Chorus, Phase Reverse with Anti-Feedback Frequency and Onboard Tuner
Outputs: Balanced ¼” and XLR Outputs
Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge and Fretboard
Saddle: Ivorex II ™ Nut and Saddle

Condition: Mint, only a few micro scratches from sturmming, nothing else. THis guitar is only 4 weeks old.

Sound: A bit thin, but that's just the typical acoustic-electric sound happening. Sounds bright and brilliant through an amp, really captures the natural sound of it.

Construction: Nearly flawless, even though its built in china. A few discolorations in the binding (no bigger then 1cm) and one dent on the back, but they filled it up. All nearly un-noticeable. Inlay at 12th is awesomely accurate, no filler. Binding is done above par.

Price: $350 is amazing deal for such a nice grain. I think new ones are around six or seven hundred. He also gave me a guitar stand.


Main body, darker in real life. Flash does that.

The EQ and control

Head stock, has a 3mm veneer on it. Probably from the same peice of zebrawood.

the one and only Inlay

The rosette is really clear here.


I can start to record with this, and will upload once i do.
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Very nice woods on that! HNGD!

all the b*tches like my wood :P
thank you
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.
nice! these make great beater acoustics. i loved mine, sounded great for what it was. happy new guitar day!
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my uncle has this very acoustic. it's quite amazing. congrats.
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Oh man that guitar is soo sick, I played it at a guitar store one time and loved it.
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very nice acoustic HNGD, i really like the exotic wood series

sorry this is the electric guitar forum, regardless of the fact that you can plug it into a amp it`s still a acoustic