Poll: Do you eat breakfast?
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View poll results: Do you eat breakfast?
No. Never.
16 17%
Sometimes, whatever I can find.
35 38%
Yes, toast.
5 5%
Yes, cereal.
20 22%
Cereal and toast.
3 3%
Just coffee to keep me going, no food.
6 6%
Breakfast sandwiches
3 3%
Grand Slam, brah
5 5%
Voters: 93.
Do you? If so, what do you usually have?

Poll coming.
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Of course, real man have breakfast!

I always eat slices of bread.
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I try to eat something since I work out in the mornings at school, but it depends on if I over sleep or not. Most the time its an apple or peanut butter with a banana, if I wake up really early though Ill have a bowl of cereal or a couple eggs.
Very rarely. Usually when I stay up all night on a school night, I'll get in the shower a few hours early and eat a shitload of food and drink some caffeine for energy.

Or some odd days when I don't have school, I might. Very rarely though.


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only occasional,
if ive been up for at least 1.5 hrs and am still home. Then ill eat.
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Yeah I love eating a certain type of cereal but I forget the name of it. It is manufactured by The Search though. They also make cereal bars called The Search Bar

But seriously no I don't
hell yea i eat breakfast. what i have depends on what i'm feeling
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I usually drink these breakfast shake things. I couldn't make it through the day without breakfast.
Breakfast = best meal of the day. I usually have:

- Bowl of cereal with soy milk (I hate normal milk)
- 2 Slices of toast, 1 with marmalade, 1 with blueberry jam
- Banana
- Glass of orange juice
- Coffee x1000000000

I'm lucky because I work late afternoons and evenings so I'm never really in much of a rush in the morning. Saying that, I've got to get up at 7am tomorrow. Bastard.
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I have to eat breakfast. I usually have a bowl of cereal or a Nutri-Grain bar. If I wake up late enough I have lunch instead of breakfast but during school I always have breakfast.
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Nah, I only ever really eat once a day as it is, and eating when I get up usually makes me feel sick for the rest of the day.
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Yeah, every day but not usually cereal or toast. Usually oatmeal, eggs, you know something that will actually give you energy for the day. Oh yeah, and a few cups of coffee and cigarettes.
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I try to have breakfast everyday. Today i had Finnish pancakes with a side of bacon and a cup of fresh ground coffee.

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I'm never hungry when I wake up but I usually force myself to eat something since it'll help me wake up and give me a bit of energy.

Usually just a granola bar, toast, or something similar.
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Yeah I love eating a certain type of cereal but I forget the name of it. It is manufactured by The Search though. They also make cereal bars called The Search Bar

But seriously no I don't

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Coffee with 2 black bread toasts and diet spreading cheese.

very irregular when it comes to breakfast. my preference is either a nice big bowl of cereal or a huge omelette. but typically i just have a couple cups of coffee and occasionally a breakfast sammich from somewheres.