Well I found this song in a surf DVD called Down the Line and I'd really like to know its name. It's kind of a hard rock, metal-punk crossed genre, fast paced song. It starts around the 42min of the DVD.

Some of the lyrics (sorry, I couldn't understood all of them):
Time takes the will away, not a moment to spare
And the time it takes to inject the pain, (...) it could not repair
Time takes its time

As you take me down,
before my eyes,
and break me down to size. (x2)

Hope somebody knows it...
I got a weird image of Shinedown mixed with Fuel.

No idea man, good luck though.
We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal;
A generation born to witness
The end of the world

Thanks Ikey!!
I tried to search for it on google but I didn't found nothing...
Thanks again