Okay, so I've purchased two pickups:

1. Seymour Duncan SHR-1n
2. EMG HZ S-2

The seymour duncan neck pickup has a DC Resistance of about 10.6Kohms and the emg with 6.6Kohms.

My question is, can I put the SHR-1 (neck pickup) in the bridge position and the emg in the neck? I understand that the SHR-1 bridge pickup has about 16Kohms, therefor the neck pickup has a lower output, but it does have more than the EMG, so would it still sound good in the bridge?


EDIT: Does anyone else find the wires on SD's freakishly thin? I have wire strippers with a .14mm^2 hole and it's still too big. I guess I have to buy a new pair of strippers
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Yes, normally bridge pickups have a lower output, as to sounding good, that is all opinion.

and they're fairly thin.


DC resistance isn't terribly useful for determining output unless it is between pickups of similar construction. That doesn't tell you the wire gauge, number of turns, or magnet strength and composition.
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