Hey guys this is my first original recording uploaded to UG. its a metalcore track about 3 minutes long. Its on my profile and on my myspace. The instrumental version is entitled "Seed" but i was bored today so i put some non sequitur like lyrics over it to be funny. there all pretty much just attempted growls and since i've only been trying those for a few days...not good. i called it "Purty Mouth" its the same music tho and its on my profile.

I'd aprecciate any crits positive or negative and will C4C but dont crit the vocals i know there aweful those were just for my own entertainment lol.

here's the links to my profile and myspace

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Pretty damn good man. I really like the riffs. great job all around man, get those vocals worked out and youll have yourself a pretty solid song man. Solid all the way around man. Maybe just throw in a different tone on one of the guitars, but thats really just nitpicking a bit. Great job dude, and keep em coming.

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thanks bro i'm glad you liked it i'm still working on a lot of things like finding a good tone and mixing/EQing. i'm getting there tho
A couple of few good melodic riffs in there. Real messy tone though, can't hear all the details in the riffs. Drums are really poor and boring, needs a lot of work. It doesn't really sound good either, so more mixing is required. The cymbals are just really uneven and sound random at times. For example at 1:33: Needs cymbals marking each beat to give it some groove. The snare drum is also very uneven and doesn't always fit in. Listen to and study drums more to learn how to nail those grooves.

You've got a lot of good ideas here though, keep working on it!


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yes i know. idk how to make each track cut through the mix and stick out. a lot of the melody is lost in the mud lol. like the part right b4 the first chorus. u cant make out the distinct rhythm guitar. and ya this is the first time i've tried to make my own midi drums. not only was it a free program but i have no drumming experience. i'm hoping to get a drumkit soon so as to learn more practical patterns and stuff.

any advice on tone guys? i'm lost especially when it comes to leads
You could try backing up a bit on the distortion, and a little less bass to avoid mud. The bass guitar, and drums will do this part. You could just try cutting off some bass with the EQ instead of recording it once more. Also, pan the rhythm guitars to left and the right, and record it twice, once on each side. Solo tone needs to cut through, boost it up a notch, fiddle around in the eq to make it cut though!
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thanks for the great advice bro. i'll definitely cut back on the distortion and bass a bit. i think that was def. one of my problems. but i dont understand the double recording and panning of rhythm guitar. just dont see how that could help.
It gives it more space. That way you don't need so much volume on just one guitar alone, and the whole sound picture will be much bigger and better!
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makes a lot of sense. i'll definetely do that for my next recordings coming soon
now would you just duplicate the rhythm track then pan them or would you actually rerecord the same rhythm track again? just wondering. kind of a silly question
You will have to record it twice, or it will just sound the same, obviously! ^____^

I'm not really an expert, so if anyone has something to add please do!
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some really good ideas in here fella

the melodic parts mixed with the heavy parts are what we call 'tropicalmetalcore' haha
or where im from anyway haha :p

but yeah, i thought it was really well thought out and played

some riffs definately more prominent than others, gotta have those ones that stick out and grab your attention, and you have them so well done on that!#

drums are written quite well too so kudos again (Y)

somewhat reminded me of parkway drive crossed with august burns red, which would be phat, so youve given me an insight as to what theyd sound like combined and i liked it! :p haha

but yeah, overall it was really good man

loved the asta la vista baby too! ;D haha :p

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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

wow thanks bro. comparing me to two of the best bands in the genre mixed. i feel like a saint. lol
though i'm nowhere near as talented as they are at least i'm going in a step towards the right direction Costellations is one of my fav albums so theres def some ABR influence.
i'm glad you liked the drums. some parts could be fixed to be better though in hindsight. ahh it gives me something to do