Right so I'm coming back to playing guitar after a long break.

Would you recommend this guitar? Bearing in mind I'm on a reasonably small budget and know VERY little about acoustics?

If you wouldn't recommend it, what would you recommend?
I have played bunch of Fender acoustics in various price ranges, they have all sounded empty to me, have seen some nice finishes on them but thats about it.
Since you are on the budget, first and foremost the best thing to buy is a solid top guitar, it is the best bang for your money.
Since you didnt specify how much you are planning on spending I would say Yamaha fg700s new ($200) there are some Epiphones in same price range but I think Yamaha is much better guitar.. Or look for used higher end guitars on your local Craigslist etc..
dont mean to hijack this thread, however, swsman- i found a yamaha fg700s used (very good condition) at the local pawn shop for 185 with a hard case. good deal?
Where I live brand new one is $199 and that is without case. If the guitar plays nice and everything is good, no buzzing, neck is straight etc. I say thats not too bad. Also keep looking I have noticed people are selling a lot of nice guitars and you never know when you will come across a great deal. Also see if you can barter on price with pawn shop. They probably got it for a lot less than what they are asking for it.
true. i will have to do some sweet talking.

what is your opinion on Jasmine (by Takamine)? they have a brand new ES33C w/case for $279.

I am looking for my father, who has been using my Martin 000 CXE to learn a bit, and now wants his own...i really don't know a whole lot about which lower end guitars have the best value...
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Lets not hijack original post. To answer your question, I have never played a Jasmine so can't say anything about it. If it were me buying for my dad, take him with, have him play as many gits as he can, once he chooses one go over it carefully from top to bottom, especially if used. Key thing is that he is comfortable with it.

To the original poster I would suggest similar. Play lesser and more expensive guitars from the same brand, compare the differences in sound, fit and finish. Go from there.
Thanks alot, will have a look around at the mentioned guitars.. As i said i'm just getting back into the swing of things and don't know very much..
I wouldn't recommend Fender acoustics. Their tone is not very good in my opinion. I would go for a Yamaha or Takamine. They are cheaper (price) guitars and they sound great. I've had 2 for about 5 years now and they have endured playing and the elements wonderfully. You can usually find one new for under 400 and if you buy used you should find them much cheaper. Good luck!
i didn't know recording king made lam back and sides guitars. have you played any? if so, how do they sound compared to yamahas or seagulls?

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Hmm, Maybe a Recording King RD06.
I've seen them range from $200-$250.
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i didn't know recording king made lam back and sides guitars. have you played any? if so, how do they sound compared to yamahas or seagulls?

Yeah, they have a few.
The ones I've played seem to sound very full. I would say they sound more bassy than a Yamaha (the Yamahas I know are more midrangey. including my own). I do like them better than Yamaha and Seagulls in the pricerange of $150-$350(in mind I've only played a handful of Seagulls) I like them better because I love the neck and sound of them for a cheap guitar. The build and quality control is very nice.

And the dreadnaught models with Lam back and sides are:

Also let me add, I have a RD-06W on layaway.
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