Alright, hey guys.

I need help writing a song.

So ive been plaing guitar for about three years now i think? i think its safe to say im decent. no god haha. i am currently taking lessons, more so for the theory aspect, not so much not reading. and i have a solid grasp on theory. i am not one of those people that can look at all the thoery threads and completly understand what your all talking about. but i know keys and common chords in keys and how to make chords ect. ect. the basics i guess. but the problem is. i have REALLLLYYYYYY wanted to be able to write my own music for some time now. and to be honest. i have NO idea how to sit down and throw a song together? im typically stronger in chord progressions than i am with melodies. but either way. can anyone give me some tips on how you go about putting a piece of music together?

I have tried to pick a key and just mess around using the common chords for that key (I, IV, V) but that always ends up sounding repetative and bland. i know there has to be more than that when putting a song together. so where do you guys start when writing? whats your process of thinking?
Get a nice chord progression and make a melody to fit the chords, or get a melody and harmonise it with chords.
the question is what you want to do. I've benn playing guitar for almost 3 years now and I'm writing songs since one year I think but these songs are all not in a typical order of chords like all the pop-songs you hear. So if you want to do the rock kind of stuff you should really just jam around just play some riffs out of you
my approach: melody line first.. bass line second.. write the ending.. write the begininng.. connect the dots
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Quote by griffRG7321
Get a nice chord progression and make a melody to fit the chords, or get a melody and harmonise it with chords.

That's definitely what I do. I tend to start with the melody. If you know a lot about playing guitar and stuff, then try to think about keys and modulations. Also, think about the form of the song (verse, chords, etc.). You also will want to do a few things like limit the range of notes you will use in the melody to a specific range (say one octave, between low and high D or something). There are also a few things any composer should try to think about:
1. key
2. time signature
3. make sure that you don't have huge gaps between notes in your melody (eg. from middle A to high F).
4. Make sure your notes in your melody fit into your chords (if you use the notes C, A E, G, don't use an F chord!)
I think composition can be a little mathematical, you have to use some of the basics in order for a song to sound well put together.
Hope that helps!