I recently was given some Black Dahlia Murder and Necrophagist CD's by my friend. I've been playing guitar for 4 years, and I decided that I wanted to try something new.

First off, this stuff is hard! I LOVE the songs and riffs, but it's so intense and hard to play. Any tips? (warmups, practices, etc.) I'm not too interested in soloing, but I'd like to learn how to sweep and stuff like that. Maybe give me a song to start out with?

Thanks alot!
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Just turn on a metronome and practicing getting really clean galloping, and trem picking. Judging from the covers on youtube, i don't think many people realize that TBDM uses mostly down strokes aside from trem picking, so make sure you can evenly downpick those licks, a good song to start on would be Flies. Necrophagist i cant give as much insight into, but for TBDM its mainly (just to sum it up)

-Trem picking
-String skipping

all of these you can really just turn on a metronome and just practice using chromatics.
alright, thanks!
Epiphone SG G400/Line 6 Spider III
Squier CV Jazz/Acoustic B20

Gear savings: $25/$400
Saving for Acoustic B200H/B115 stack
One of the first death metal songs i learned was Elder Misanthropy by BDM. The opening utilizes a very common death metal technique, which involves fast alt. chugging between the 6th and 5th strings(and one or two notes on the 4th), with a HoPo thrown in there for good measure. Get that up to speed, and you'll be prepared to tackle metal dragons the world over! (not quite, but its pretty kickass to play fast death metal licks.)
No mention of Alt picking?? Well, yeah, for both Necrophagist and TBDM precise alt picking is definitely a must, one of the main riffs in What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse is definitely a good way to practice alt picking, then another is great for basic string skipping, then the most popular riff is great for galloping.
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Since you want to get into technical death metal (necrophagist) use odd time signatures to give it that sound that defines it. Also you will want to know
Harmonic Minor
Phrygian Dominant
Half-Whole Diminished
scales for improvision
technical death metal is one of the hardest genres of music to play so don't rush. take your time and have fun. you can learn a few things s well.
just learn the songs slow and work on it. thats how i learned how to play deathmask devine, the solo is crazy (black dahlia murder)
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i really don't have much to add to this but a lot of people seem to be really week on their trills so maybe practice those a little. also i would like to emphasize the down picking suggestion earlier. its such a simple concept but it gets constantly overlooked. always down pick palm muted notes unless they are gallops or just really fast. if you can consistently down pick 16th notes than you should be well on your way. ummm thats all i can think of, good luck with it man
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Downpicking at over 200BPM.
Alternate picking at atleast 14 Notes per second to cover most Necrophagist solos.
Sweep picking is usually needed.
Galloping and good rythm playing are needed.
Minor and Diminished scale knowledge. Good theory knowledge will help alot.
Practice time. You'll need lots of it.