hey I am wanting some feed back on the new fender deluxe vm. If anyone has one what do think of it and any problems you have had with it.

thanks I really like them I just don't want to buy something crapy thanks
I live point pleasant wv
at the most very most 1000
I play jazz, samba, metal, blues, contemp christan.
Paul reed smith se singlecut fender fm65 fender highway one strat with a fast track 2 digitech rp500
^tough having blues and metal so it kinda depends on how much of each and what kind of metal. If it is old school thrash type metal you can get that on most amps with a boost. If it is modern metal - then that may narrow it down a bit.

If you HAVE to have new I have ideas.

I would seriously look at used amps too. Used amps have mojo. There is a Vox AC50 212 combo and a Peavey 5150 212 combo on the Charleston Craigslist. For your styles I'd seriously look at that Vox even though personally I'd get the 5150. Both will be heavy. I like a the amp head and 212 cab config myself.

Luckily you have a decent budget. New....let's see.

Egnater Renegade. Head is $999. Combo is a bit more.

Egnater Tweaker. 15w $600 ish. I had the chance to play this amp on my cab recently and it tore it up. Very versatile with it's voicings and tube swapability (two new words there) It can do very convincing Marshall and Fender tones (and others).

Traynor YCV50 combo. Again very versatile tone wise and within budget.

Peavey 3120 $999 head only. Can take EL34s or 6L6s. (similarly the XXX used - same amp).

Peavey Vypyr 120 head and a 212 cab. That is an option. Loads of versatility. Covers all genres. Modeling amp. $600 ish. Leaves you room for a cab and a Sanpera II pedal. Similarly the Vypyr 60 combo.

Peavey 6505+ 112 combo. $600 ish. Nice cleans. Loud. Brootalz obviously. Not the best blues amp so again it depends on how much blues you play.

Epiphone So Cal 50 head $600 ish.

B52 ATX100 head $600 ish.

There are more but those are some of my favorites out of the gate. Good luck.

PS: I used to run an RP250 into a Fender FM212 amp for my tone. I've since moved on.
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did ou up your budget? if you saved up a little bit more you could get a used rivera ktre combo and it would do everything you ever needed it to do.

I know I know I'm selling one but I bought a Bogner so it's not like I don't like my Ktre, it's just that I bought a bogner.

But check out some youtubes or clips man.

One of the greatest clean channels of a metal amp ever coupled with an insane amount of gain.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
How many channels does s ktre. Also how much those run. Also Iam looking at the Mesa boogie tranatlanic.
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