Hey guys, I recorded this song yesterday after about 30min of work, and want to know what you think! Any improvements you guys can think of would be greatly appreciated (or if the song sucks, PLEASE let me know!) I'll c4c, as always.

"Goodbye Dolly"

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Great song man. Recording quality is a little noisy the strumming is a little to hard in spots in my opinion. More of a softer kinda song I think. I think you need to switch the panning of the vocals and harmony, the main vocals start on the right side and then at end switch over to the left side, kinda disorienting. But vocals where good just maybe a few note that weren't hit perfect but dude I really like this song. Keep em coming!

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I enjoyed listening to that. I think that the volume could be a little too loud, mostly for the vocals as it seems to distort a lot sometimes. You probably know what exactly caused it though. A cleaner sounding recording for this would be very listenable. I'd listen to it.