ok i have a chance to get this guitar the one in the picture for like $60 at a local pawn shop was wondering if its a decent model.. and brand...

dunno if its good but i would get it just to hang on the wall.
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dunno if its good but i would get it just to hang on the wall.

what this guy said.
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I say go for it, it's clearly worth a bit more than 60 and I find it to be quite pretty. See if you can assess the playability before you buy it, just to make sure it's at least playable.
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thanks everyone for quick replys.... i plan on going back tomorrow as soon as they open and try it out.... i figure it looks sexy and i can always upgrade the parts if need be...
like they said any guitar for 60$ is great, you could always try out things on it like swapping pick ups or sanding it down and get experience:S
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I haven't played that model but my local guitar shop gets austins in all the time. They're all copies, but they're pretty nice, strats start at about 150 and les pauls at 200. They do have a few higher end models that cost a little more, judging by the finish that is probably one of them
Looks alone it's worth $60, a little modding and you could have yourself a very nice guitar
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thanks again all i dont know the model and i have tried researching it but cant seem to find it....