i've recently received a free copy of progear, and i've found good, inexpensive squiers. let me give you a bit of backstory as to why i want one of these so bad. last weekend, i was at a music festival in new york and had the oppurtunity to play with a band there (the mclovins) i got to play the guitarist's fender strat, and i just loved the way it played and felt. Up until now, i've been a les paul person, and was going to get an sg, but this made me crave a strat or tele. so, the choices here that fit my meager budget are:
•the standard tele for $230
•the classic vibe strat '60s for $350
•the vintage modified strat HSS for $350
•the classic vibe tele '50s for $350
•the vintage modified tele SSH for $350
•the standard strat for $230
i know they're squiers, and beginner guitars, even though i've been playing for four years, but i really can't possibly afford any guitar over that price range, so any advice as to which i should get would be really appreciated. if it helps, i play mostly punk rock and post-hardcore (anything from sex pistols to nirvana to green day to the used) and some classic rock and hard rock by way of the beatles, the who, the kinks, aerosmith, cream, you get the picture. i also want something that can play jazz well, as i'm joining the school's jazz band next year and idk if my les paul knockoff will get the sound i want and need for that. I just want to get the best guitar i can, the most bang for my buck, and i'm not experienced enough to know what's worth it and what isn't.
If I were you I'd go with the Vintage Modified Strat
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it all depends on the sound you want to get. The tele's are going to be more bright and tangy for a more country sound. I personally would go with the strat but I have 1 so I'm kind of bias.
I'd go with the Vintage Modified Strat. Especially for punk you will want a humbucker. And for jazz you could use the neck pickup of the strat. But the LP might be thicker depending of what you want.

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either the vintage modified strat or the vintage modified tele. both are very nice guitars and about equally good. the tele will be a bit brighter sounding while the strat will be a little bit more, well, strat like.

you may have to play them to hear the difference between a strat and a tele. or go on youtube and listen to the difference so you can better judge which will suit your needs more
find a used hss fender strat you wont regret it i may take some looking tho