Hey I wan't to buy a guitar these are the specifications I want -

Colour: Blue

Pickup Style - SSH with coil split to single coil

Price Range - up to £300

Body: Alder


Fingerboard: Rosewood

Neck Construction: Preferable Bolt-on

Bridge: Fixed. No tremolo system.
Dude, slightly too specific....

EDIT: This is the best I could do, it has a trem and no coil splits, but they are easy to install (although you will need new pickups) http://www.andertons.co.uk/electric-guitars/pid13394/cid556/yamaha-pacifica-112v-sonic-blue.asp?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=pricecomp&utm_campaign=googleshopping
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The fixed bridge is what you're going to struggle with. A coil split is no problem, so long as the humbucker has four conductor wiring you can easily install a coil split on any guitar, especially if you just buy a push-push or push-pull pot (costs next to nothing). The bridge though... I don't know of any fixed bridge guitars currently on the market. that meet the rest of your spec.

The Vintage Advance AV6H is an HSS Strat with a coil split already installed. Vintage Advance guitars really are the best quality in terms of wood and hardware that you can get in the UK for under £500 (most of them are around £300). Don't think it comes in blue though and it has a vibrato bridge - but you can easily block and lock the bridge. Kramer are making a few HSS models now (both super-Strats and Les Paul copies) with fixed bridges but they're not readily available yet and they'll be a little over £300 when they do hit UK shores.

Basically you need to be prepared to either do some modding or make some exceptions to your spec.
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I think the "Fat Strat" HSS coil splits the bridge pickup when u select both the bridge and middle pickups. I think it does come in lake placid blue also. As for the bridge, i really have no idea