Well i've come to the conclusion i need to buy some plectrums as i've lost my only good 2 and now i'm using a blunted 2mm dunlop and it's kinda hard to play with and i really dislike how it sounds. I've been lent a pick from my dad and it looks like it's a jazz 3 kind of one and it's really good.

This threads more a general question since i wanna know what picks you prefer and and what you think i should buy :P

any help is appreciated (:
i use a dulop tortex "the wedge" 1mm slightly larger than a normal tortx but gives plenty of grip for me
To anybody that thinks they like the Jazz III: Try out a Dunlop Tortex 1.14 they are a it smaller with a point, but feel much better, and IMO sound better too. Not as grippy though, I usually cut into it with a steak knife (well pick knife now).
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