So I was looking for a cheap used acoustic with at least a solid top and ran into a couple of things.

First I found a Yamaha FG730S for $130 which looks like it's in pretty good condition. Problem is it's about an hour away. I've heard nothing but great things about these guitars. Then I found a "vintage" Seagull S6 for $350 that's located in my town. It's sunburst and the guy say it has SOLID wild cherry back and sides and a solid spruce top. If that's true it seems like it's a steal at that price. I e-mailed him and will call him later and if he still has it I want to know what year it's made and everything else. I've never had an acoustic but from what I've heard Seagulls are great quality, and an all solid guitar for $350 is a great deal. So do you think I should buy it?

Here are the ads if you want to take a look.

FG730S - http://nashville.craigslist.org/msg/1737544425.html
"Vintage" Seagull S6 - http://www.golsn.com/listings/musical_instruments/instruments/1559553.html

I can go look at the Seagull sometime if he still has it. Any thoughts?

Muchas Gracias
That Yamaha is a screaming deal. I paid $300 for mine, brand new, just last month.
I also have Seagull not S6 per say, but I do have Coastline S12 and Entourage mini jumbo. Both gulls are solid top but back and sides are laminated. Wild cherry laminates. Only Seagulls that I know that are all solid wood are their SWS or solid wood series. Maybe some other high end Seagulls are all solids as well. Most of the S6 I have seen so far have been solid cedar top with laminated wild cherry back and sides. Also they have fairly wide fretboard, so if you have short fingers this is something to consider as well.
Hope this helps.
Great advice! Prices where I am are as follows: brand new Seagull S6 is $399 and Yamaha FG730s is $279.99.
Something about that Seagull add doesn't add up. Go to musiciansbuy.com. They have some good deals going and at least you can see variety of Seagull models they carry and pricing as well. Google is your friend with this. God bless the internet and good people that share their experiences!!!

Also would like to add. on this Yamaha that gloss finish on back and sides scratches real easy, I am not the one to lose sleep over aesthetics but you should know
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i agree - buy the yamaha!

obeythepenguin beat me to it - and i agree with what he's said. as far as i know, their claims seem incorrect, whether because they don't know about the guitar, which isn't a good sign, or because they're trying to scam someone. i'd definitely avoid the seagull.

swsman, the fg730s is sold almost everywhere for $299 - it's the fg720s that's $279.
That is what everyone wants for them, I bought mine at local GC store and it was $279.99 plus tax, after tax I walked out with it for $299 and some change. Maybe I lucked out
And you are correct online they are listed for $299.. Sorry for my error.
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I checked themusiczoo, Seagull's website, everything. I didn't find it either so I figured it was maybe an older model that's been discontinued. Guess not.

I'll call about the Yamaha. I texted and e-mailed and so far no response. I think I'll get it if I can.

Thanks for all of the help so far.

Oh, and as for the sides scratching, I could care less. I love the look of a well worn guitar :P

Also, I found a Yamaha FG 160 from the 1970s in good condition here in town. Does anyone know anything about this? I can't figure out if it's a solid top or not, but all of heard is great things besides the action being a little high.
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how much do you know about guitars? high action on an old guitar can mean a neck reset, and that's an expensive thing to do.
Quote by patticake
how much do you know about guitars? high action on an old guitar can mean a neck reset, and that's an expensive thing to do.

Well no, not high action on that particular guitar, but it seems most of the FG 160s had high action. If I play on it I'll check it out. I know it's an expensive process in resetting the neck and would stay away if I thought that's what is needed, but maybe I could just shave the saddle. Or maybe it's fine? haha

I'm just sort of rushing because I'm going on a week long trip with my youth group and would love to bring an acoustic along. But I'm not gonna buy anything unless it's a good deal.

And the fact that I NEEEEEED an acoustic lol
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Well the FG730S is gone

And I got a response from the Seagull owner. He says it may be Spruce or Cedar, but he says it is definately all solid and I'm welcome to come look at it. I just don't see how it could be. And I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay that much. I was just looking for a cheap guitar that I could take tomorrow on the trip and play for a year or two and then maybe upgrade.

And I'm probably gonna pass on the FG 160 since it is really old and might need a neck reset and other work. But then again it said it was in good condition. Maybe I'll take a look at it today. He's asking $200 but I think I could get it down to $150.

So back to square one! haha
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I've heard Recording King has a decent all-solid model for $400, but it depends on the brand. Seagull has them around $800-ish, while big names like Martin and Taylor start well into the thousands.

I think solid wood's kind of overrated myself, at least for the back and sides (see the link for a longer explanation). I frankly can't hear much difference between solid back/sides and laminate, and I have a fairly good ear. But if you know that's what you want, certainly don't settle for less.

Right after I posted that I read your response in the Seagull thread. I think a solid top would be perfect then, and I'm leaning toward the Seagull's because it looks like they make some quality guitars for the price. I'll probably check out Art & Luthiere too. Thanks a bunch man.

Oh, and does anyone know how Art & Luthiere is pronounced. Is it like luthier? (Loother? Or Looth-ee-air-ee?) lol