Sorry the thread title was inspired by the idea of my song TURBONONSENSE

...which was itself inspired by Queens Of The Stone Age, and lyrically arrived in my headspace when suddenly without any prior knowledge to the fact, Sebastian Bach from Skid Row stepped on stage and played an hour of totally awesome music as a support band for Guns N Roses at Sheffield Hallam Arena in 07.

I had to grab my phone out of my pocket and manically predictively-typographise the lyrics into that silly little keypad. What a random way to give birth to a song!

Anyway, I am Allan Dawson and I have three albums out, working on my fourth. I am a rock solo artist... much prefer working in bands but they have a habit of splitting up, so I work by myself because if I didn't no work would ever get done! I really enjoy it though and still always on the look out to work with others and open to ideas.

I am a guitarist and vocalist and though a process of evolution I front my own act playing lead and singing - tricky trying to wrap your tongue around those intricate little fingerings but it comes with practice.

Check out my songs at my UG page - http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/allandawson/ or at my official site - http://allandawsonmusic.com

Looking to make new friends and if I might be so humble perhaps influence people!

Rock solo artist from the UK. Check out my music here