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The Results Are In!
Thanks everyone for your submissions! We didnt have any "bad" submissions, everything was great in their own right. Here we goooooo!
1st Place!
Empty Space-omfgwtfbbqsauce
2nd Place!
C# Minor-Chad120
3rd Place!
Mirror Maze=SpacePirateFace
Honorable Mentions!
Descent into the Ancient City-Blood8815
Acoustic Jam-stevelutz
Wait, What?-ShaggydogJV

Congratulations to everyone who submitted! I had a tough time choosing the "winners", you all deserve a big "congratz". Thanks for making this work, and we might have another in the near future, but next time we will vote. Thanks AGAIN ALL!

I just thought i would let you guys know that I KNOW its over as of today. Thanks for the many submissions and making it hard for me to decide who "wins". I will review the submissions over today, and expect the results tonight! Thanks!
Hey all you not-quite adult UG-ers!

I have been wanting to do this for a while...

I know there are alot of contests out there, but not many that are for teens. So here are some rules, because I'm not going to explain how a contest works, as you should all know...

You have to be 18 or under

Your submission must be original. No covers here

It can be from any genre or style

Lyrics are optional

If you do use lyrics, lets keep it clean

Again, no covers

This contest will go until a month from now (July 3rd)There will be a top 10 list at that time. We are going for creativity here!

There will be a list of honarable mentions along with the top 10 list

There is no limit to how long or short the song has to be, but lets try for under 5 minutes

If you want to participate just say I'm in or something along those lines...

When you are ready to submit your song, post it on your profile and post a link to it

Good luck!

EDIT: It will go until July 15th, due to lack of time.


"Does the Recording Quality Matter"
No. It just has to be audible

"Whats the Prize"
Did I say anything about a prize? Its just a contest. No "prizes" will be given out; unless someone can offer some idea for some "E-Prize"...

"Can it be in tuxguitar or guitar pro, or is it us actually playing"
You can choose. It can be in whatever format is uploadable.

"Can we submit multiple songs?"
Sure. But lets keep the amount reasonable...(Under 5 or so)

"Does it have to be guitar based"
No. You can do electronic music for all I care

"Can we do instrumentals as well as pieces with singing"
Yeah. As I said, you can choose.

"Are you judging by composition or vocals"
If you choose to do vocals, I will judge by the quality of the words, not the quality of your sound. Its not fair to do otherwise.
"Can you work with someone"
Yes. But if you do, I would appreciate a quick message saying you are doing so.

One more thing!
After all these responses, i have decided to, after the top 3 submissions, make a "best of each genre". but dont get all over me if i get your intended genre wrong...
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Hey, i'm interested in this! Does it matter how well the piece has been recorded?
Also, how will this be judged?

Wrong forum. This should obviously go in the contest forum, lol.
Please check out some of my original music and leave me a comment @ SoundCloud
(or in my profile!)

Can it be in tuxguitar or guitar pro? Or is it us actually playing?I'm in if its for tuxguitar.
Im down, but again does it have to be actual guitar or can it be midi stuff, of like combos of both? also can we submit multiple songs? does it have to be guitar-based music?
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Me playing
so many questions to ask lol. more guidelines needed bro.
if i find the time to record again soon i may participate. 17y.o. FTW
but r u judging composisiton or vocals? cause i would like to have vocals but my singing is atrocious :p
Hey I'm interested in this contest! I'm gonna post 5 songs for the contest on my profile right now!
Heres My Songs (sorry there on youtube, i cant upload them to my profile as there videos)

where will the results be posted?

(btw im 14 so im eligible )
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Maybe I'll join, everyone in our band is 18 or younger, but we still need some time to record them properly and improve them. I've listened to the songs submitted so far and they are a lot better than our songs but we'll do it just for fun and to get some crit on our songs.
I'll have something on the way once my amp gets home from the tech.
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I'm not much of a songwriter and what not so I'll enter my "Macbeth" song I did for an english project just for the lulz.

MP3 is on my profile
I don't believe in signatures. Ah, sh...
I think i will participate in this contest
i'll just be sure to have something recorded by the end of the deadline
gotta find a freaking mic if i want to do lyrics lol

a drum sample will be used that i made from GP5 along with guitar riffs.
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I'm going to participate.
Unfortunately UG wouldn't allow me to upload mine to my profile as all sorts of things were wrong with the formatting, and everytime I corrected it it made it sound terrible. So here it is -
It's called Voices in the Fog, and was recorded on this:

Not even kidding. Also it isn't a guitar song as such so hopefully its still good.
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I'm in: I've got five tunes on my ursession page that I share with my cousin (mine are the ones with the artist name set as 'J') @ I hope five isn't too many. Most of them are kinda short anyway. I made three of 'em with a sine wave synthesizer program that I wrote because I had trouble playing a riff on my guitar and wanted to make my computer play it lol. If only I spent as much time practicing it as I spent making that program! I also used another program I wrote that makes a ping-pong delay, which is pretty nifty, along with Audacity for some effects. Um, another tune is actually a classical cover, so I suppose we could ignore it (but check it out anyway). The one that features a guitar (PRS SE) was recorded by my laptop microphone, but It sounds pretty neat after messing with the programs. The last song is my attempt at the noise genre using Audacity and my laptop mic again lol. Oh, and the tune titled 'Gmaj Remix" has some bass in it that might not be audible without a sub of sorts. Sorry about the long post, haha, but I worked hard on these tunes, tinkering, coding, and whatnot. B-t-dubs I'm 17.5.
Heh no its not over. In the couple of days after the end ill judge and repost the results on the front page, so check back then
Quote by AJSaw
Heh no its not over. In the couple of days after the end ill judge and repost the results on the front page, so check back then

Hey well if it's not over I'll submit a song I just recorded the other day. All acoustic guitar, 1 track. It has some minor errors that are barely noticeable because I did it in one try.

I'm 17 btw.
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