Well I am looking to get one or the other and was looking for opinions into which I should choose?

I don't feel a need to spend a bunch of money on a looper such as an echoplex, so I am looking to keep it around $200-300.

However, I would also consider getting a digital recorder as I could basically do what a looper does (not as quickly obviously) but I could use the multitracks available to create a riff, and then another track to create fills and solo on...this I would consider spending a little more on....my friend has a boss roland model 900 or something digital recorder, it burns cds, has 8 tracks, its pretty cool but the memory card it comes with is only like a gig or something. So I have been considering the Tascam Dp-02 because it burns cds and has a way bigger internal hard drive. I would spend roughly 400-500 I guess on one of these. But would rather spend less because money is tight right now.

Any suggestions on what I should do...any recommendations? Any help and advice is much appreciated, thank you!
You need a GNX4. 8 Track recorder and looper w/ up to 2 gig of memory. A digital recorder can't do what a looper does.
The GNX4 looper is nowhere near as fluid and easy to use as either the Jam-man or a Boss RC-2, BUT, its 8 track recorder really is great, and it does the job as a looper as well. I just got rid of my GNX4 because I wasnt recording much, and replaced it with a Boss RC-2 because I wanted the looper in a compact pedal form. Very happy with it.
Hmmm, I own both a GNX4 and a Jamman. They seem equally easy to use. The main difference is that the GNX4 is stereo and allows deletion and remixing of any track. Also you can record both dry and fx, then go back and reamp the dry part one or more times. Plus it has a synchronized midi drum machine.
I dont think I am really down with that gnx4...dunno...i want something that will burn music i think...

it does look kinda cool, but man...i already got a digitech pedal and was looking to maybe venture out into another brand of gear...hmmm..

we will see perhaps, not sure...