I want a fender standard strat


can i route the pickups to a HH

I dont have a strat to look soo i was hoping someone could help
some are made that way.

most MIM strats are routed HSS.

edit: most modern MIM strats.

edit2: why fender TS? there are gobloads of HH guitars...
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^not the earlier ones. my '96 MIM only has H spacing in the bridge. my friends '99 doesn't either.
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You can route any guitar for any configuration you want.

Do you mean can you just put 2 humbuckers in without modifying the guitar? If that's the case, sometimes strats have a swimming pool route that allows for such a thing, but most don't. If you want a dual-humbucker guitar in the shape of a strat, why don't you look at Ibanez/Schecter/other superstrat manufacturers?
If you're looking for a Fender with an HH setup, just look for a few Jaguars.
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If you're looking for a Fender with an HH setup, just look for a few Jaguars.

or Teles.
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they make plenty off HH strats, and other models, and its really not hard to route a strat to HH, i actually have a HH strat that was stock
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You could always pop in a mini humbucker too, if you don't want to do any routing.
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