Downtown Basement was formed during the backyard bonfire parties at a Catholic University (Washington, DC) house nicknamed the Lawrence House.

Soon after friends heard the dueling guitars of Lucio Forti and Ryan Gebler, American University jazz pianist, Cameron Doyle, decided to jam with them. Soon, drummer Austin Costeira, joined in as well as bassist Peter Falcone.

Their first live performance was at San Antonio's in northeast Washington, DC. After filling the house for their first show, management invited them back, making the band a regular act.

The band just finished its first album, State of the Munion.

we've also played at house parties, Bootlegg Mannings in Staten Island New York, as well as Club Soda in DC

check us out at http://www.myspace.com/downtownbasement or become a fan on facebook as well

we'd love to hear what you think!

thanks man glad to hear u like it!

our next show is july 24th at bootlegg mannings in staten island new york
I liked the beginning of Comin'. Very "jammin" for lack of a better word haha. Although I have to admit I don't like your singer very much. Not bad, but very bland.
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