Hai guys. I wanna play metal, classic rock, to Alt Rock. I'm thinking about the Ibanez Art series, are they any good? Any other suggestions would be awesome.

Yeah i'd go with Ibanez, that's what I use but my strings aren't heavy enough for metal (yet, i'm kind of a beginner) but anyway, they're solid

Or an ESP LTD but i'm not sure how much they are.
I just don't think RG's are that versatile, I don't think they'd do 'metal to alt rock' There are some good les paul copies within that price range. Have a look at Agiles and Michael Kelly's. Very Versatile and fantastic build quality.

I used to own an RGT42DXFM and I play classic rock. Guitar was AMAZING when setup. I recently got another Ibanez, but it doesn't hold a candle to that RGT. I think the guitar will work great for any of what you want to do, then again so would alot of other guitars. Personally....id browse Craigslist. I bought a 04' mint condition Mexi Strat for $300 bucks.
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It depends, do you want more of a traditional metal tone, or a traditional hard rock tone? i saw you listed the genres you like above, but to really help we need a bit more specific info....

if it's more a gritty hard rock tone (guns n roses aerosmith ac/dc motley crue etc.) I say epi les paul, or agile al-3000

if it's more metal based, you know really high gain, and whammy bar tricks i vote ibanez, or a jackson dinky
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Quote by McMullen20
yeah go with an art or an rg. ibanez guitarshave alot of sustain and youll love the thing. just wait untill you get a higher end one like an ict700 or a jem

uh no.. sry thats just not true
i mean rgs are usually made of basswood which is one of the worst sustain woods there is
also usually rgs have a floating trem which make the sustain even worse

just look for something with humbuckers personally i have been looking at a telecaster squier custom for a long time. Yeh it doesn have metal pickups but then again the amp does more to get you "that" sound than anything else so as long as your amp is decent you'll be fine
personally i have been looking at a telecaster squier custom for a long time.

Me too! I've yet to play it, but if I like it, ill get it and eventually get some EMG's in that. Maybe an 85-85, or a 85-60.

Might want to check guitarcenter to see if they have marked down Schecter C-1 blackjacks. I've seen some in stores for $400, an outrageous price for a great guitar with USA seymour duncan pickups