i decided I am going to tackle a song I've always wanted to play .
that is ...To Live Is To Die from metallica .
I'm trying to approach it correctly .
meaning slow the metronome .
the intro is played at 56bpm . i have slowed the song and set the metronome at 30bpm .
I'm finding that it is almost as hard to learn with the time slowed down that much . my fingers just wanna pick up the beat and throw me off .
the pros about slowing down are that i have the time to figure out just the best way to get my fingers around as i play and attack it right . loving that. does this get easier as i keep at it and i cant help but think that I am hitting two birds with one stone . timing and playing correct and maybe that's why it seems tough. any advice?
The metronome is a valuable tool for helping to improve your timing, but for the very first stages of learning a song, I'll do it in free time w/o a metronome. At that point, it's more about remembering how it goes and getting your fingers to go where they need to. You don't want to really worry about timing, or keeping up to any kind of pace, even slow, at that point. Once I've got a section to where I can play through it, that's when I'll start working on it with a metronome, and get it tightened up timing-wise.
thanks for the advice . right now I Kind of recuperating from pushing to hard on that damn Barr chord that's played on the twelfth fret .
Most people find it difficult to actually keep time at that kind of speed, to be honest. What you can do is change it from 16ths to 8th notes and double the tempo if that makes it easier.