Okay, almost everyone knows that on a standard Fender Strat there is one volume knob and two tone. What I want to know is what exactly do the tone knobs do? I don't mess with them and I like to know what the stuff on my guitars do. So any help? Thanks in advance.
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They're very popular with guitarists like Clapton, Hendrix, and Slash; in the way that they turn them all the way down to round out their sound on the neck pickup for a very smooth, bluesy tone.
you'll notice subtle tonal changes through some amps more than others.

also don't expect to hear any changes on the bridge pup unless you connect it to a tone.

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I feel like they have way more impact on my strat than other guitars. It can make a strat go from really twangy to darker and almost metalesque just by rolling the treble back. Some guitars/pickups make more use of the treble knobs.
turn your tone not all the way 0 and play, then to about 3, then to 7, then all the way up
then you'll understand what they do a little better
Okay guys. Thanks a lot!
That pretty much explained it all. I knew they changed the sound a bit but I wanted to know more and now I do
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