I can't watch his videos. It feels like I'm going to get a seizure.

Also, I really can't stand his music. It's so harsh and unemotional.

Insane? Yes. Underrated? I wouldn't say so... Unknown? also a no.

Dunno. Just not my thing.
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idk, I think there's something interesting about a guy in this style who doesn't take himself very seriously at all. His music isn't quite as sophisticated or serious as your average Don Ross or Andy Mckee tune (don't get me wrong, I love those guys too). Plus there's a essence of 8-bit and electronic music about his songs which is another thing that hasn't been explored much at all. If you don't like his music, at least appreciate him for his somewhat out-of-the-box approach to playing.
Uh can't say I really like his style/stuff.

"I Know Your Pain" has some cool parts, but it kind of gets annoying when every song pretty much has the same standard chuggachugga DIDDLY DIDDLY chugga chugga thing going on.

I value "the beauty of the note" (trying to sound as pretentious as possible here I guess) and this guy doesn't really value the same, apparently.
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Quote by Annonymorse
If you don't like his music, at least appreciate him for his somewhat out-of-the-box approach to playing.

exactly. his songs aren't nice to the ear, but he is intresting. we need some guitarists out there that would do something different than another guitarists who might play beautifull melody but they sound only more of the same.
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I admire his technical skill, I mean I'd give him money if he was busking but I wouldn't buy his album.
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Ewan Dobson is just incredibly amazing. I've got his albums and it's just great to hear this new approach to the guitar. As I am a huge fan of 8-bit music and video game music it just speaks to me. His techniques are really original and unique. Like a technique he has when he's making an illusion of playing a 16th note bass pattern while playing a melody on top that is insane, like Chet Atkins on steroids! His playing is by me defied as "extreme" fingerstyle playing since he really pushes the strings to its limits in the sense of multi-tasking. I mean, in his tune Disk Read Error he has a part where he plays an octave bass with a melody on top, just like any fingerstyle tune. But the between that he plays a constant flow of 16th notes! Really original and clever technique. Ewan is indeed the DOEF.

but, I f'n love ewan dobson

i listen to him more than anyone/thing else right now

he's just f'm amazing

he's playing in toronto in a few weeks, I might get tickets, but it's at a restaurant/thing so I might not because...you know...I don't eat restaurant food............