I'M 15, i had guitar lessons about 2-3 years ago, quit guitar until now and i need help with guitar scales, advanced guitar tabs(i know the basics of them but id like to know what the ex. (1,2,3)===================================||4===================================|

Verse: "they'd better come down soon or everyone will know just why"

----------------------------------|-9~~~----------3-2/4\2-|( fig. - 2nd half)
meaning what does the 1,2,3 ====== mean and the (pm............---0-PH mean) and the fig. -2nd half all mean etc.

then id like help with the tuning ex.drop d tuning and all the other guitar tuning means and how to do them etc
i've came up with intro riffs for songs with a heavy metal/blues sound basiclly out of simple power chords and palm muting, so id like to come up with more advanced riffs
id appreciate your help

also need help with harmonics and how to do them
i know its messy but im not to good with wording this, sorry
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Wow, that's a lot of help you're looking for there

Take your time on it man. You know what a Major scale is? Standard tuning, EADGBe, drop tunings are simply when the lowest string is dropped by a whole tone, so in this case it's DADGBe

Tabs are nonsense half the time, ask the guy who wrote it what he means, try your example again in Courier New to make it line up straight

Pretty sure the PH means pinch harmonic, but I don't play a lot of metal so could be wrong there. Fig- whatever is normally their way of labelling the parts of the tab, to help explain when things happen simultaneously and what not

1,2,3 etc might be his way of showing you the timing, seeing as it eventually ends with 4

What I'd say is learn things one at a time, read about intervals, they'll help you learn about scales and chords, and modes, you'll get the hang of tabs eventually they usually don't vary too much. Learn the Major and Minor scales, and go from there.
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Well you probably already know this, but the bars are not aligned properly making this tab kinda hard to read.

Tuning is simple. tuning to drop D simply means tuning the low E string down a whole step to a D. You should get an electronic tuner

The other most common tuning is half step down which simply means tuning all strings the next note down. If you don't understand this explanation you should read up on guitar tunings and what "steps" mean in terms of music.
P.S. All you want to know can be found quiet easily. Simply use a search engine and type what you want there are also tons of youtube videos on various subjects if you have the patience to sort through all the crappy ones.

To write better riffs you simply must learn more riffs. Just learn more songs and eventually you will automatically combine all you learn and it will become apart of your playing.