Here we go, another "Should I trade?" thread.

I've got my Roland Cube 30X listed on CraigsList for $200, it's 10/10 condition. Owned since Christmas, still in box. Hardly used.

I've got an offer from someone willing to trade a white Ibanez ART-100. Now, I've used these before, they seemed pretty tight, but is this a fair trade on my part? I wasn't expecting to get $200 for my Roland, but I usually put the price a lil' on the higher side because people will generally want to talk you down.

I know the ART-100 guitars go for $300 brand new. My Roland was $260 (But I did not pay for it).
Now that I have my Crate V50, I wanted a decent guitar so I stated I'd trade near everything I have on CraigsList for guitar-related equipment.

How would the ART-100 stand up to metal. No br00tz distortion. No death-metal. Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Trivium.. I might actually just keep this guitar in Standard and Dropped D, and keep my LTD as my dropped C/D standard guitar.

I read all the reviews for the ART-100 here and, well, I didn't get much useful information. So I come to the UG community for straight-forward advice!

This Ibanez would of course completely replace my Epiphone. I'm sure it's quality is tenfold, and it will sound miles better. And Ibanez guitars are generally pretty good to start with..

TL;DR. Trade Roland Cube 30X for Ibanez ART-100?
with the money you save, get EMGs. although the stock pickups are good enough for sabbeth. probably more if you have enough distortion on your amp or in pedals.
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Quote by Darkflame
i absolutely love ibanez artcore guitars and absolutely hate roland cubes, so i'd definitely do the trade if i were you

however, i'm not a metalhead...

I don't really know if I can call myself a "Metalhead" guitarist.. I hate a uber amount of gain. Turning it to like, 5, maybe, on my Crate is seriously enough for me. I guess I rather the sound of a warm overdrive then full on distortion.

I'm gonna look up some clips on YouTube for the ART. They seem like such nice guitars for so little money. And the Roland just sits here now.. The Crate can get quiet enough to play in my bedroom and hardly hear it. It's great. And sounds 40 times better then the damn Cube...
do it
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Well I haven't gotten a single person giving the slightest reason not to, I guess I'll do it. Just gotta see it in person, now.
yeah man make sure its not a hunk o shit
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