Wow your song has a really nice feel to it, I really like it. It is actually a really great instrumental, like one of those instrumentals when you don't think " man this would sound better with vocals ". Yeah It is great!!!

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There's a nice atmosphere from the song, I quite like the guitar sounds actually and the drums aren't too simple as well which is good. I liked the guitar solo at the start, just flowed really well and had a nice melody. The short break with the piano was really nice as well. It's all a bit samey though, as nice as it is, it would be really good if you could come up with another chord sequence that would still work without changing the feel of the song.

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Very nice song dude.

Love that lead tone you got going on. Very soothing and relaxing and all the guitars blend together very nicely. Piano is also very cool element to this song, fits in great and just lets the song blossom. Dual guitars take over a little lead part and back to the little melody which is very catchy, catching myself humming it. Very nice song dude, one of those songs where I dont need and vocals or lyrics to enjoy it to its fullest so nice job man. Effects on the guitars are also very nice and well done. Great job and keep it up!

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Thanks for the crits. I C4C'd and commented on each of your threads. But I agree with you Seb1uk about the chord change suggestion. It is the same chords all throughout, one day I'll come up with a variation to deviate from the main melody and progression. Thanks.
In parts, it feels like it needs some electric bass (if it's there I can't hear it). I wasn't wild about the lead guitar between 3:00 & 3:10. Otherwise, the guitar sounds good. My favorite part was the piano, which sounds very good. Strings are good too. Sounds good so far for an incomplete song! Please review my music at this link:

Nice, it's a very relaxed feel, reminds me of the early 90's type soft rock stuff, and gets generally heavier throughout the song. I'm impressed with the sound quality as well, using so many effects it's pretty awesome how you got it all to sound great together. The drums were epic too, they sounded almost real. One thing I would reccomend, and it's just my tastes, is to use less effects, I've always thought that using too many effects tends to create confusion to the listener. It's ok to use 1 or two different types of effects to create different types of moods, but I think using more than that for the same mood is kinda distracting.

Good stuff dude, I give it a 5/5.

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Those leads are laughably chill man. It was like such a chill overload that I literally giggled. The atmosphere is so lost my job on Friday, but tomorrows Saturday, so it's cool. Lol, ya know? Very good song. I wish I could critique more, but you know its a great song, I knowi its a great song, they know it,so yeah. Good job.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, I checked out each of your songs and replied in your thread.

Aardvark - I tried for a little bit to add some bass in, but it just sounded all muddled and I couldn't get a decent quality bass tone. I'm gonna get it all figured out soon though and record it to add some bottom to the song.

Ethan, I know what you mean, every track is drenched with so much reverb and delay that it all gets muddled up at times. I'll probably take down a proportional amount of both effects on the overall track.

If anyone else enjoys this song, check out FL2 w/ Guitar in my profile as well - it's a kind of similar song. Thanks again everyone.