I didn't really want an acoustic guitar right now. But after seeing a Dean Exotica Tiger Eye, I easily reconsidered. This was purely based on its looks alone and the fact that it costs US$500 (my budget range). So, I'm asking anyone with knowledge of Dean acoustic guitars, in particular, the "Exotica" series to please enlighten me. I know sound comes first, then playability and then looks last. So as you probably guessed I would like to know, does this thing sound great? Is it easy to play? I prefer a guitar with a low action. Is that a genuine quilted maple finish or is it just a veneer?
Whatever your view, I will welcome it as I've never played an acoustic guitar before (I started off with a squire). So if the Dean isn't a good choice, what would you recommend? With the above budget range in mind, what would be a great buy, that would sound great, play well and look great? I recently discovered that I love the exotic look and I would like to get an acoustic with a similar finish that is genuine. If it comes down to having to sacrifice looks over great sound and playability, so be it. I hope that answering my questions isn't too much of a task and I appreciate the effort. Thank you in advance.
When I think of Dean I think of those wild designs and HUGE headstocks....that being said, a good friend of mine owns a Dean acoustic. Its just a regular ol' acoustic. It was around $400 new I think and its really a nice guitar. Great action, full sound and good clarity. Can you find a better guitar for $500 dollars? Yes. Would you be happy with the Dean you saw? More than likely.

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no, it doesn't sound great. deans, like ibanezes, focus on looks rather than sound quality, and the exotica tiger eye doesn't even have a solid top. people buy it who are more interested in looks.

if sound quality is more what you want, get a yamaha fgx730sc for the same price with a solid top, good build quality and great finish. or if you want to save a few bucks, the fgx720sca sounds almost as good as the 730, with the same build quality and finish. both are cutaways and come in natural, black and burst.

also check out the seagull entourage acoustic electrics. solid top, cutaway, seagull quality. i'm not in love with the finish, but hey - they sound good, and if you prefer cedar to spruce, they deliver.
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If sound's more important to you than looks, why are you going by looks first, then asking about sound?

The looks just snagged his attention.

There are better guitars to be had, for sure. Look at some Seagulls. They look relatively plain, especially compared to the Exotica series, but you'll end up much more satisfied in the long run.
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Looks shouldn't factor into it at all.

Oh but they do, and frequently. I've argued this point before and will continue to do so. Looks matter simply because our sight is one of our primary senses, just as our hearing is. It wouldn't matter if the person were blind. It's as simple as that. I dare you to tell me that your Gretsch doesn't appeal to you visually. I've a feeling you wouldn't own it if it were otherwise. Visual appeal is, in most cases, just as important as sound when it comes to many things, not just guitars. Yes, it's a musical instrument and yes, the sound of it is paramount to it's looks, but you have to remember that people are always going to be drawn to the better looking as well as the better sounding. Ever go to a car show to look at a junky, rusty pile of crap? Of course not. You go to check out the awesome paint jobs, the gleaming chrome, the spotless interiors and so on. Take a look at the instruments in an orchestra. How shiney are the winds? How beautiful are the violins? Do you see any non-visually appealing ones there? How about the swim-suit issue of Sports Illustrated? Are those plain-janes in there or are they visually appealing beauties? I could go on but it'd just be a rant(sort of already is I know). Peace out.
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