The verse/chorus drums are repetitive but they're placeholders for now. There's space for solos, but I haven't written anything presentable yet. Tell me what you think, and I'd appreciate any advice!

EDIT: I think it's more of a modern-rock style, but some people I've shown it to said it's prog-ish, that's why I listed both. The new file has a little difference at the end. And yeah, I pretty much used the organ as a pad.
Elim 6-02-10.gp5
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alright, not that bad, but here's some constructive criticism.

1. I'm not sure if you were aiming more for prog rock or modern rock, as you labled it both. If your trying to write a prog song, i would change the form around a little, try and get away from the verse-chorus-bridge-repeat structure. If your goal is to write a modern rock/pop song the form is perfectly fine.

2. While the organ does add interest to the song, i feel you dont have quite enough going on for a full organ part. It's up to you, but most keyboard parts involve more than just two notes at a time. Try to beef it out a little, and definately add something for the left hand to play, bass notes are IMPORTANT.

3. This goes along with the last bit of number 2. Bass. Important. Either add a left hand keyboard part, or vary what the bass plays. People often forget the importance of the bass. Make the bass line more than just a doubled version of the rhythm guitar, it defeats the purpose, and the loud guitars just end up drowning it out. Actually write a part for it.

4. Melody. I'm guessing you have plans to add vocals or something, and if you do i would start by adding another guitar or a flute or something on there to imitate a vocalist so you can write a melody, because a song such as this needs a melody.

Overall a pretty solid effort. Keep writing.
Good Job, Solid sounding song.

I've made some of the changes suggested, a better (in my opinion) bass line, and added a quick guitar solo. Hope you like it (:

If you would be so kind as to have a look at mine in turn you can find it in my signature (:

Elim 6-02-10.gp5