Hi, I currently own a VOX AD50VT 1x12 combo amp. It sounds relatively good, I am just not jumping up and down on the "Modeling" features. I would like a straight good sounding amp with great clean and good classic rock crunch (Not metal). I will be playing mostly my LP but I am considering acquiring a Strat or G&L Legacy single coils. I have been considering the Blackheart All tube amps, Little Giant (BH5H) and Handsome Devil (BH15H). Which one would you recommend? Opinions greatly appreciated. Other question... I have not yet played any of these since they are not available locally at this moment, but will the sound be very different from the equivalent "Modeled" sound in my VOX. Would you prefer any of these over the VOX or should I stick to the VOX?
Thanks in advance for all your answers. Take care.
Well the BH15 has more features, but the BH5 is a nice little amp. If volume isn't an issue, I'd look at the BH15. If it is an issue, you may be able to get away with the 3w setting on the BH5. You could have alot of fun with a VOX AC4 too.
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