I've decided I'm going to start having fun writing again... whether you guys like what I produce or not C4C... but it may take a few days to get back to you. Leave a link.

Lick the twang of modernization.
I've had priests bless my
printing press,
I'm pumping out novellas about
Al Gore's divorce and
his desire to date the new
Toyota Prius.
Amidst the sound of pages crashing
like gallons of water against
seaside rocks,
there's a gentle hum...
it's humming "do a diddy diddy dum diddy do,"
and I just keep singing along
keeping time and high spirits
against industry's song of
crying workers and sighing lovers
and husbands that haven't seen wives in days.
And each blink of my worker's eyes
strikes a chord in my heart,
reminding me why
Tipper should never leave Alfred;
that's like graves without headstones
to eulogize the worst souls.
That's like strong arms
that aren't lifting my products onto shelves.
I started writing about serious things... like things that were happening in my life. Then it became a chore.... but I still felt like I needed to write about those things. Then I realized that I don't feel any better when I write about them... so I decided to just start writing random shit in my head again.
can't believe i missed this. so glad you've gone back to this. it might not be brilliant, it might be so anti-art it's almost art, but i love it anyway.
I thought this was outstanding. Welcome back to the funhouse, yo.