I built a Pedal board. It's a nice size. 16" tall and 27" wide. Anyhow I have not purchased any of the pedals yet, just looked up their sizes and made a 3d layout of what my board will look like after i start buying them.
Anyhow! after all this rambling I am planning on using George L cables and i was wondering, how many pedals can i fit side by side with the heads on the .115 set?
If anybody has some George Ls and can give me some measurements that would be great Thanks.
Depends on the size of the pedals.
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"how many pedals can i fit side by side with the heads on the .115 set?"

Just count up the number of jacks supplied in the kit, and divide by 2.

I just bought a George L kit and love it. They made my Little Dipper fit better on my PedalTrain Jr.
no, I mean size wise. Like how far out does one George L head stick out of the side of the pedal?
Exactly 1/2 as far as your standard jack length:

I am at work so I cant measure...
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