I am looking to upgrade to an acoustic-electric guitar for recording and live performances. I am unsure which body style best suits me. Essentially, I cannot decide between a Taylor *10ce, or a Taylor *14ce. I enjoy playing rock music and mostly strum with a pick. However, I do dabble in other genres, and I may play other genres in the future.

I love love love the look of the *14ce. I see alot of artists playing this type of shape. The problem is, they are playing very highend guitars. I wonder if a lower end guitar wouldn't sound as great. From what I've read online, this body shape lends itself better to fingerpicking, and isn't tailored towards strumming.

From reading online, I have gathered that a dreadnaught shape (*10) is more flexible, and lends itself better for rock music. I don't find the body shape as visually appealing as the *14 shape. It just seems big and clunky. I currently play a dreadnaught, and I've never had a problem with it being too large.

Can anyone offer any insight? I know that the first priority for a guitar purchase is the sound of the guitar. A small problem is that I was unable to find Taylor *10ce's at the guitar shop near me. It seems Guitar Center only carries the Taylor *14ce models. I'm at a loss for what to do.