ive had this gutted strat for a while now and im finally getting around to fixing it up. I cant decide whether i want actives or passives. here's the combos ive been thinking about.

Bridge: Dimarzio D-Activator bridge.
Middle: Seymour Duncan Sh-8 Invader
Neck: Dimarzio D-Activator Neck


Bridge: EMG 81
Middle: Seymour Duncan Blackout
Neck: EMG 89

tell me what u think
Well if you're keen to play almost solely heavy tones on that axe, go for the actives. I (personally) am not a fan of the cleans/low gain tones they produce, but that's just me.
In the passives, I probably wouldn't put an Invader at all, let alone somewhere other than the bridge. Very very muddy pickups.
And I wouldn't be sure about two D-Activators.
What kinda music are you playing? By the high-gain pickups you've chosen I'm going to go ahead and guess heavy stuff. Maybe D-Activator bridge, Dimarzio FRED neck and then something with a good treble response for the middle, something very dark (Invader) would just sound like mud.
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What are the specs of the guitar? What's your amp? What is your playing style? What tone are you after? Do you prefer amp distortion or pedal distortion? Do you make much use of the guitar's volume controls? All of these are important questions that need to be answered before you can even begin figuring out which pickups will be suitable.
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