So, i just got my new guitar which has a Floyd Rose Tremolo and i've been playing with it a lot trying out divebombs and such now that i can and it seems that my low e string keeps tuning itself down. anyone know what up? i tightened the locking pins or whatever they are that are on the neck and that didnt help a lot.
When I got my first floyd I had all kinds of problems like this. After you have it for a few months you will learn to understand it and know what the cause of problems are (if this is your first floyd, which I'm assuming it is).

If the guitar is BRAND new the strings just might not be loosened so you just need to stretch them. And is it only the E string?
Yeah, its only the e string. and they are brand new strings. i put em on a couple days ago.
Ya if you just put them on its probably because the strings are not fully stretched. It takes alot more stretching than you normally would do on a non-locking guitar. Try unlocking the nut, stretching the strings, then setting back up and see if that helps.
Alright man. thanks. even though it was a pretty simple solution that i probably coulda figured out myself. haha.