I'm really pissed off because i made a tab for BFMV's new song "Your Betrayal" on five string bass in standard tuning, but the box where you put in the tab itself when registering it isn't wide enogh, and it ****ed up my tab!!!!!!!!! i put a lot of work into that tab, and i am severely pissed off. Any Advice?
Your Betrayal.txt
It most likely will never line up correctly in the tab box. Instead, underneath the box, there is a "Preview Tab" button. Click that, and it will be lined up ok. I just tested it with your tab, and its lined up perfectly.

There is already a highly rated tab for the song in the database though link, so its possible that your tab might not be accepted at all.
yeah but my tab is for the lazy bassist who hates tuning all his strings to something else. whatever, thanx guys.
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