my first non-poem post- this is one of my songs.

roadside lines song

“its not what it looks like
its not what you think”
you’ve had too much drive
and not enough to drink

its not what you asked for
no its not even close
when you take off your head
but you sleep in your clothes

you’ve got the right to remain silent
speak for yourself
when you say I’m heaven sent
and you’re giving me hell
well on the roadside sign
walk that fine line
and with my cuffs holding hand in hand
I say forget it, it’s (a) fine
its my crime

well its for your own good
he gave you a chance
and you bought yourself time
with a bedroom advance

and will they put you away
you sentence me to life
but if you don’t get out (once in a while)
how will you survive?

you’ve got your right to one call
if you recall what I said
when I read your basic rights
and you screamed “then go ahead”
you’ve made your appeals
the jury’s out on this one
but when you’re on (a) trial (basis)
you’d rather be on the run
its my crime

you’re on your best behavior
you might just go free
but you couldn’t stomach your pride
so I swallowed the key

you did 50 to life
but that’s nothin’ to me
are you still in your chains?
its slavery

you do your time
but love’s a petty thief
you get charged
and its my crime
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