Writing Club

Writing Club's the only time I see you
Properly. Like when a guy sees a girl in class.
In the movies the guy doesn't really pay attention to the teacher, he just dreams about the girl all day-
Trying to stay awake so he can see you laugh and smile...
You know?

I guess I could see you as much
As I'd like to though.
The path o'er the lion's den isn't all that long a walk.
But again you make me wonder again.
Your pretty lips and your awkward
It puts me away from looking
For a billboard screaming
"Hello world! This is me! life should be..."
Just like every other girl.

I guessed I've kinda jammed my own doors. From beauty
To happiness; from wit
To madness- it's all a

I was hoping you would know how to douse that.
first read through...
i wasn't so sure about it.
but after a couple read throughs...
it's not so bad.
i like the concept,
and the way you executed it.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.