Hi guys,

I am saving for an electric guitar. I can buy a Yamaha or a Squier in a year or more but a Fender in about 2 years. I know the Squiers are OK, and the Yamahas sound great. But they aren't even half the value of a Fender. But if I buy a Fender I'm going to wait for about a year again for a nice amp. But the Fender will last me a lifetime.

I'm going to be a freshman this year. I've been playing for 1&1/2 years on acoustic and currently have an Xtreme guitar(local), and a Yamaha F310. I love my Yamaha, so I think the Yamaha Pacifica will sound good too.

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What do you guys think is best?

Squier Standard Tele or Strat
Fender Standard Tele or Strat
Yamaha Pacifica 012 or 112
Its totally up to you and how long you'd be willing to wait, if you can hold out long enough by all means get the tele or strat. Otherwise you should get the Yamaha Pacifica 012
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iv got a pacifica and its great for what it is. a low cost guitar. although i do want to upgrade to a fender strat in the not too distant future