So I know this sounds extremely random, but does any body know where I could buy a decent acoustic guitar in either Cologne Germany, or Amsterdam? I will be in those two places this summer and I thought it might be a good place to pick up a new guitar. Any suggestions?
When you're in Cologne, go visit the "Music Store". They have pretty much everything there.

Never have been to Amsterdam, so I can't tell you where to buy a guitar there.
Well, I'm from Holland. There's probably some stores in Amsterdam but there's a huge one in Rotterdam, Rotterdam is close anyway. It's called Feedback, its a huge warehouse with thousands of guitars. You can pretty much find what you want there.
Ye DarkValo666 already mentioned the Music Store. If you have the time than visit this store man! It's huge, and awesome, ...and has everything you need and it's huge!
Thanks!!! I appreciate it, I have a week in Cologne so I will certainly check out the music store.