this is totally different from the first piece i posted here and the concept of a dialogue was something new for me, still it was fun to write. guess it's pretty cliché i hope the 'for's and 'cause's don't get too annoying.

Standing at your door, ringing the bell.
The shrieking sound tore my conscience apart
like saliva cleaving starch.
My mouth dried out and it opened.

"Hey you. I guess I wanted to thank you
for your 'I love you's on the back of my photographs."
"You dare to come here? You're responsible
for the only empty space that is in my wallet
where your picture has been."

"No hurray? No applause? Then give three cheers
for the ninety-four percent we scored in partner tests."
"Are you drunk? I just think you rather mean
for the fact you loved 'The Killers' more than me."

"Let me explain myself, let me come in
for the hearts on every page of your favourite book."
"Let you in my room again? I will not
'cause there's your name being scratched in all over the wall."

"Get serious, you can't really blame me
for the slut you became at that party in your bed."
"No, I won't ever blame you for that but
for you becoming colder than polar oceans are,
noone wants to swim in."

"Please, don't act like that. Maybe you do this
for your hand in mine in moments I needed it most."
"Stop it, honestly, I can't take you back
for never answering the phone when I needed it."

"So sorry. Know, I will remember you
for looking dishevelled but gorgeous in the morning."
"I'm sure I can always memorize you
for the circles around your eyes, the accessories
of the nights you did not spend with me."

"Oh, I am begging you. just one more time
for sharing your chewing gum with me on summer days."
"Are you ****ing deaf? Give in. I said 'no'
'cause we can't survive any longer on bedroom eyes
that you perfectionized."

"I still love you for the endorphines,
I love you for the adrenaline."
"But I hate you for the nicotine,
for comparing me to American actresses,
for the pretty flower chains you placed inside my hair,
for the little happy girl you made of me."
"For the first time kissing me on the tip of your toes?"
"For the torrents of tears this letter's been drowning in."

And the door shut, leaving me here
standing with this piece of paper.
Your handwriting starts with 'Darling'
and ends with lines about goodbyes.

Tears in my eyes, I turned the page,
scribbled quickly:
"I just came here
for wishing you a happy birthday, nothing more
I fear."
and rang again.