I bought the amp (JCM2000 DSL 401) second hand, also played a new one. I really liked it however the Power Tubes are almost and their end so i need to replace those. I saw Drake Tranny's in the amp i guess that part is cool, stock speaker that has broken in sounded quite nice. I disliked the fizz when turning up the treble in od 1 channel so any suggestions on that part is welcome (maybe changing preamp tubes).

so basicly I want some recommendations on:

Power Tubes

Preamp tubes

If speaker swap makes huge difference.

Maybe some effect pedals that play nicely with this amp

Sorry for my spelling.

And thanks in advance,

I can help you...

but, what type of music do you play - what are you going after?

I'd leave the speaker for now, identify the preamp tubes that are there and provide an honest assessment of the power tubes. The transformers are fine for now. If you live in the states, contact dougstubes.com or thetubestore.com for req's