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I would rather work solidly, then be done for the year
16 89%
I would rather spread it out, and work normal hours
2 11%
Voters: 18.
I was thinking about the creators of South Park, and how they have to really pull their finger out for, what?, 14 weeks of the year. Very hard work, little sleep

But, theoretically (I am not sure how they spend the rest of their time), they could just take the rest of the year off. Chill. Take a holiday. Read a book

So, would you rather have these working hours, compared to 9-5, 5 days a week, a weekend, and 3 weeks off a year? I.e. normal working hours

Obviously, the former seems the better out of the two, but a couple of issues: 1. you must have to work REALLY hard, and 2. how do you spend the rest of the year?!

Also, this isn't about working on South Park compared to normal work, but the working hours in entails
#1 isn't a problem as long as you are a workhorse and enjoy what you're doing

#2 isn't neither such a problem if you have a hobby of some sort.
There tends to be more money in working that way, so I guess it's cool for some.
I tend to make sure whatever I'm doing isn't shit by doing it over a period of months, and constantly tweaking it and changing bits. If I had to work hard for 14 weeks of the year, by the end I'd be shitting out pure mediocrity.