Hey All,

I recently ordered an MXR 10 Band EQ online, and it came ysterday, but as I was out, today is the first time I'm getting to play with it, haha.

From the moment I engaged the pedal, I knew that it was a really awesome piece of kit, but one that I'm going to need a bit of help understanding.

From another website, I managed to find out that the frequencies are grouped as such: Bass=31.25Hz to 125Hz, Mids=250Hz to 1kHz and Treble=2kHz to 16kHz.

This much I understand, but I've also been reading stuff about just using your ears to find a good tone, and its really annoying me that I don't know where to start, for the tone I want.

If anyone could give me some tips on how to get that sort of punchy, pop punk sort of tone used by such bands as Four Year Strong, it would be massively appreciated.

The sort of tone I''m aiming at is sort of like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Apvy0QyHHk0 (Four Year Strong)

My gear is A Fender MIM Telecaster and a Peavey Valveking 112 combo, with the lead channel boosted by a Marshall JH-1 OD pedal.

TLR: Just got my EQ pedal today, and I could really use some help in making a start on getting a Four Year Strong like tone.

Sorry if its information overload, I like to make sure my threads are as clear as possible, because it irratates me no end when theres barely any detail, and when time is wasted on asking the Thread Starter questions that should have been cleared up at the very start.

Many Thanks,


pretty sure FYS use marshall jcm 2000's least its what their tone on rise or die trying sounds like
soo quite a lot of mids
pretty much a n shaped curve then fiddle from there
I have the MXR and also the 112 It sounds sooooo sick after a bit of messing. You should have gotten a little card with some diagrams of good settings with the MXR? If you did use the bottom right one on the back.

The peavey is muddy as hell so youll want to totally cut the 1khz band out.

I get an awesome tone with a kind of squished 'm' shape on the MXR and the amp EQd with setttings at 12 o clock.

Sorry i cant be more descriptive, im not at home so I cant see exactly how i have it.
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I would take a picture of my EQ, but my camera's a piece of shit.

What you want to do is play with it alot - a sort of sine wave is what works best for shaping with the VK (start by boosting the bass and then dip the high mids, and boost the treble). I think there's a picture of roughly the type of curve you want in the VK thread.
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cheers for the help guys, its helped a lot. when you say the sine curve, dod you mean this one?

| _---_ |
|''-_ _-' '---'|
| `---` |

found it on the valveking wiki page, do i just interpret the dashes as the sliders?

EDIT: The curve keeps messing up, but if its bart_devils eq on the wiki, then i know the one you mean.
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