Well guys, I've got an Epi Valve Jr head that I got second hand recently, it's definetly the epiphone circuitry in there but the actual cabinet appears to be from a Harley Benton GA5H.
I was wondering if it was possible to somehow re-colour tolex?
It's currently a creamy off-white colour.
I'm considering re-tolexing it if there's no way of re-doing the current Tolex another colour.
wouldnt paint work?
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I think you would be best just buying some new tolex, it doesn't cost that much and would be a lot easier to do - also get some adhesive spray.


Re tolex. It's not that expensive, it's really easy, and you know it'll do what you want it to. No use trying dye when you don't know if it'll even work.

In the UK allparts is a great place to get tolex and glue. In the USA I'd get it from mojotone.
Just re-tolex it. It's a small head, so it won't take much time or money.
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Dude get some vynil dye from shucks. I've used that on tons of plastics, I've seen it on vynil seats from the 80's and the blue was just barely coming through. Completely re-doing the tolex would be a bitch compared. Don't forget to tape it off!

I say you take the current vinyl off, tie dye it, and put it back on.