should i by the Agile AL-2000 or save up for the Agile AL-2500, what do the Agile AL-2500 Albino usual cost?
Can't go wrong by saving.
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There are only 2 differences.
1. 2000 is a 3 piece mahogany body while the 2500 is 2 piece.
2. 2000 uses 1/16th Grade B maple top while the 2500 uses Grade A.

So, yes, the 2500 is technically a better guitar on paper; but, IMO it won't matter one single bit in the real world. It's not until the 2900 where REAL differences show up....Mahogany neck instead of Maple as well as Alnico V PUPS.
Isn't the AL300 only slightly more and a better one as well with versions of the correct tone wood species?
Moving on.....
Quote by brenton393
would the agile 2000 be a lot better then my Fender Affinity Strat HS?

More completely 'different' than 'better'. I've played some really nice Affinity's and some other's that were junk. Affinity's can be great if you know how to set up a guitar and perform some minor fretwork....same is true of the Agile.
well ive played my Fender Affinity Strat HS for years and ive never been happy with it, but i never bought pickups or anything for it, i got the guitar in a value package with a G-dec juinor which i replaced with a vox vt30,
what i want is a better guitar that i can use for years and be happy with, i really like the way the agile al-2000 looks, but is it better then my fender i already have?
Quote by brenton393
well ive played my Fender Affinity Strat HS for years and ive never been happy with it,

What exactly aren't you happy about? The way it feels, sounds, something else.. Has it ever been professionally set up?

My best suggestion is to go and play a bunch of epiphones in the $350-450 dollar range. Either Agile will compare favorably to Epiphones in this price range. You need to determine if you are even comfortable playing an LP style guitar.....they feel/play so much differently than a Fender. No body contours, shorter scale, neck angled away from the body (fender's are on same plane).