okay, so earlier today I recorded a vid while I was jamming to send to a friend as a lil video lesson and I picked up that every time I don't use pinky for more than two beats it hides itself by curling up under the neck. It doesn't bother me too much though cause every time I need it it's right on time even if I'm shredding. Just wondering if someone else has this 'problem' as well? and am I supposed to care more and train it to hover above the frets?
thanks anyway hippieboy. But my finger independence and use of my pinky is fine. It's just when it's not used in the riff it curls up. but when it is in the riff I use it just like all the other fingers. I think it came from learning the hard hammer-ons when I started sweeping.
In that case, to fix it, you'll slow the tempo down to about 20 or less bpm and focus on keeping it above the fretboard. it'll help immensely.
it it's not affecting your playing then dont worry about it
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