Part of a concept album I'm currently working on.
Lyrics aren't done yet, but basically this song is about a king sending a commander in his army on a suicide mission because he wants him dead - Just something to have in mind while listening.


Hope you like it.
Of Corruption And Bravery.zip

I suck at giving constructive critisism (and spelling propper english) but I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the song, I would love to hear it with real instruments and a kickass vocalist!

Good luck with the song, if you record it PM me or something!

(Ps. You should kidnap Fabio Leone from Rhapsody (I refuse to call them Rhapsody of Fire) to do the vocals!)
Brilliant song! I love the whole neo-classical feel. 10/10. Nothing to crit.
Man, I've checked out your stuff. I liked it. Real power-metal, reminds me of Helloween somehow. To happy song for me Solo was good. Drums...hmm, they were just so simple. Needs some complexicity. But I'd give this song 8/10. Stay true and read PM I've send to you)
Thanks for all the crits! Appreciate it!

I know the drums are simple... I usually write drums like this:
1. Write one bar
2. Copy/Paste throughout all riff
3. Done with drums.


I'm not a drummer and I don't really enjoy going over all the drums and making changes throught all the song. Seems like too much of a trouble. If anyone wants to write a different version of the drums for me that would be cool... Just sayin'
I'm not a drummer either, but recently I've become better with the drum-writing.

Just listen to music you like, and listen to what they do to spice up the drums. Did they add a fast snare section at the last bar of the riff? Did they have the drum beat repeated 3 times, and then in the 4th bar play a drum fill? Are they hitting cymbals to emphasize whenever the guitar hits a new chord?

To be honest, I was too busy staring in amazement to care about the drums, but in the end it will definitely improve your songwriting to have drum tracks that are spiced up.
DUDE... normally there is a few things to work on but MAN... this is AWESOME there´s really nothing to crit :O... alot of variation, and when it´s power metal the drums does not require much variation... AWESOME