This is just something I'm messing around with for now. I was kinda inspired by Andy Mckee after seeing him in a gig not long ago. Any comments or advice will be appreciated.

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Man, I love the little subtle sounds of the guitar, and this track is just so beautiful. The quality is great, the progressions are perfect, (Especially the one around 1:00) it's just a great track. I also like the tapped percussion, as it's been said you're a very great guitarist. Some of this reminds me of an LZ track, I can't remember which ATM, one of their lesser known ones though (if that can be said about any LZ track...)

Great track though man!
And thanks again for your words
Wow, just wow, it's awesome, it reminds me of Antionio Defur( however you spell his name) alot, very soulful, has alot of heart to it. You have this stuff down, keep up the good work, the world can use more guitarists with your skill and heart.

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Man, this is one relaxing tune. And it's perfectly done as well. Slow build up, with an easy lay down at the end where you can just breathe and enjoy it. I searched and searched and couldn't find anything wrong with it...

Was this a calculated song or is this improv on top of improv?
Great track, I especially like the percussive hits you did, adds a lot of feeling to it. Good sounding quality and real smooth playing. The buildup kinda part at 2:30 is awesome. Looking forward to more like it if ya ever do, good work.
Thanks for the crit man!

Very nice mellow song and the guitar percussion is very nice and very Andy Mckee like with that and the slap harmonics. Very nice feel to this man. I think some soft vocals would fit over this very nicely but definitley not need, it is great on its own I think. Recording quality is very good and easy to listen to. Overall it fits together very nicely and takes you quite a little ride, really enjoyed it man. Keep it up!
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